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پنجشنبه 8 مرداد 1394

The butterfly & the cocoon

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A small crack appeared on a cocoon. A man sat for hours and watched carefully the struggle of
the butterfly to get out of that small crack of cocoon.
Then the butterfly stopped striving. It seemed that she was exhausted and couldn’t go on trying.
The man decided to help the poor creature. He widened the crack by scissors. The butterfly came
out of cocoon easily, but her body was tiny and her wings were wrinkled.
The ma continued watching the butterfly. He expected to see her wings become expanded to
protect her body. But it didn’t happen! As a matter of fact, the butterfly had to crawl on the
ground for the rest of her life, for she could never fly.
The kind man didn’t realize that God had arranged the limitation of cocoon and also the struggle
for butterfly to get out of it, so that a certain fluid could be discharged from her body to enable
her to fly afterward.
Sometimes struggling is the only thing we need to do. If God had provided us with an easy to
live without any difficulties then we become paralyzed, couldn’t become strong and could not

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پنجشنبه 1 مرداد 1394


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During a momentous battle, a Japanese general decided to attack even though his army was
greatly outnumbered. He was confident they would win, but his men were filled with doubt.
On the way to the battle, they stopped at a religious shrine. After praying with the men, the
general took out a coin and said, "I shall now toss this coin. If it is heads, we shall win. If it is
tails we shall lose."
"Destiny will now reveal itself."
He threw the coin into the air and all watched intently as it landed. It was heads. The soldiers
were so overjoyed and filled with confidence that they vigorously attacked the enemy and were
After the battle. a lieutenant remarked to the general, "No one can change destiny."
"Quite right," the general replied as he showed the lieutenant the coin, which had heads on both

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یکشنبه 28 تیر 1394

The Old man And whisky

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Harry did not stop his car at some traffic-lights when they were red, and he hit another car. Harry
jumped out and went to it. There was an old man in the car. He was very frightened and said to
Harry, "what are you doing? You nearly killed me.!"
"yes" Harry answered, "I'm very sorry." He took a bottle out of his car and said ,"Drink some of
this. then you'll feel better." He gave the man some whisky, and the man drank it ,but then he
shouted again, "you nearly killed me!"
Harry gave him the bottle again, and the old man drank a lot of the whisky. Then he smiled and
said to Harry ,"Thank you .I feel much better now .but why aren't you drinking?"
"oh, well" Harry answered ,"I don’t want any whisky now. I'm going to sit here and wait for the police."

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شنبه 27 تیر 1394

Captain & fisherman

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The cautious captain of a small ship had to go along a coast with which he was unfamiliar , so he
tried to find a qualified pilot to guide him. He went ashore in one of the small ports where his
ship stopped, and a local fisherman pretended that he was one because he needed some money.
The captain took him on board and let him tell him where to steer the ship.
After half an hour the captain began to suspect that the fisherman did not really know what he
was doing or where he was going so he said to him,' are you sure you are a qualified pilot?
'Oh, yes' answered the fisherman .'I know every rock on this part of the coast.'
Suddenly there was a terrible tearing sound from under the ship.
At once the fisherman added," and that's one of them."

ترجمه در ادامه مطلب

ادامه مطلب

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جمعه 26 تیر 1394

هرگز نمی توانم برای پاهایم کفش پیدا کنم!

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یکی از پاهای هری از دیگری بزرگتر بود. او به دوستش دیک گفت من هرگز نمی توانم کفشی برای پاهایم پیدا کنم.

دیک گفت: چرا پیش کفاش نمی روی. یک کفاش خوب می تواند کفش خوبی برای تو درست کند.

هری گفت: من هرگز یک کفاش نداشته ام. آیا آنها گران نیستند؟

دیک گفت: نه. بعضی از آنها نیستند. یکی از کفاشان خوب در روستای ما است و کاملاً ارزان است. این آدرسش است. او چیزی روی یک تکه کاغذ نوشت و به هری داد.

چند روز بعد هری به کفاشی روستای دیک رفت، و کفاش برای او کفشی درست کرد.

هری یک هفته بعد برای دیدن کفشش دوباره به کفاشی رفت. در آن هنگام با عصبانیت به کفاش گفت: شما مرد نادانی هستید! من گفتم،: یکی از کفش ها را بزرگتر از دیگری درست کن، اما شما یکی را کوچک تر از دیگری درست کرده اید!

همین داستان به زبان انگلیسی

برداشت آزاد!

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جمعه 26 تیر 1394

I can never find shoes for my feet

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One of Harry's feet was bigger than the other. 'I can never find boots and shoes for my feet,' he
said to his friend Dick.
'Why don't you go to a sho~maker?' Dick said. 'A good one can make you the right shoes.'
'I've never been to a shoemaker,' Harry said. 'Aren't they very expensive?'
'No,' Dick said, 'some of them aren't. There's a good one in our village, and he's quite cheap.
Here's his address.'He wrote something on a piece of paper and gave it to Harry.
Harry went to the shoemaker in Dick's village a few days later, and the shoemaker made him
some shoes.
Harry went to the shop again a week later and looked at the shoes. Then he said to the shoemaker
angrily, 'You're a silly man! I said, "Make one shoe bigger than the other," but you've made one
smaller than the other!'.

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دوشنبه 22 تیر 1394

فیل و طناب

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مربی حیوانات سیرک، با نیرنگی ساده ، مانع فرار فیل ها می شود. وقتی فیل کوچک است، پایش را با طناب ضخیمی به تنه ی درختی می بندند.  بچه فیل، هر قدر هم که تقلا می کند، نمی تواند خودش را آزاد کند.

تا یک سالگی، طناب همچنان محکم تر از آن است که بتواند خودش را آزاد کند؛ بچه فیل تلاش می کند اما موفق نمی شود. سرانجام حیوان می فهمد که طناب ، همیشه قوی تر از اوست، و دست از تلاش بر می دارد.

وقتی فیل بزرگ می شود، همچنان تصور می کند که نمی تواند طناب را پاره کند. بنابراین فقط کافی است که مربی، پای او را به نهال یا تکه چوب کوچکی ببندد، زیرا فیل دیگر هیچ تلاشی برای آزادی نخواهد کرد.

 پائولو کوئلیو

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دوشنبه 22 تیر 1394

The elephant and the rope

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This is the procedure adopted by circus trainers to ensure that elephants never rebel – and I suspect that it is also what happens with a lot of people.

When still a baby, the elephant is tethered by a very thick rope to a stake firmly hammered into the ground. The elephant tries several times to get free, but it lacks the strength to do so.

After a year, the stake and the rope are still strong enough to keep a small elephant tethered, although it continues to try, unsuccessfully, to get free. At this point, the animal realises that the rope will always be too strong and so it gives up.

When it reaches adulthood, the elephant can still remember how, for a long time, it had wasted its energies trying to escape captivity. At this stage, the trainer can tether the elephant with a slender thread tied to a broom handle, and the elephant will make no attempt to escape to freedom.

By Paulo Coelho

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چهارشنبه 10 تیر 1394

خرگوش و کلاغ

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خرگوش در حالی که نفس نفس زنان در پشت درخت پنهان شده بود کلاغی را دید که با متانت بر سر شاخه درخت نشسته است و به نظافت خویش مشغول است.خرگوش ار کلاغ پرسید:‎آیا من نیز میتوانم چون تو نشسته و کوشش نکنم؟‎
کلاغ پاسخ داد: چرا که نه‎؟ همه می توانند!
خرگوش بی حرکت نشست و احساس آرامش در وی رخنه کرد. ‎
روباهی از راه رسید و خرگوش لبخند به لب را قاپید و خورد.‎

نتیجه: اگر می خواهی کار نکنی و باقی بمانی حداقلش باید بالا بشینی.

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